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Membership Includes

  • Easy access same-day or next-business day appointments
  • 30-60 mins office visits with minimal to no wait times at office
  • Extended and unrushed appointments with YOUR physician
  • Virtual and after hours care (even if you are traveling/out of state)
  • Direct messaging with your personal physician
  • Direct communication with YOU about labs and testing
  • Discounted labs
  • Discounted imaging
  • Easy access to your records via secured patient passport
  • Physician-to-physician communication with your specialists and co-ordination of appointments.
  • Personalized care for YOU

Looking for More?

  • Ask about our family pricing option
  • Inquire about our small business/corporate wellness plans
  • Look out for our opening enrollment to Medicare beneficiaries in the coming months.

Terms And Conditions

Schedule your complimentary meet & greet with Dr. Knuppenburg!

This is a complimentary visit with Dr Knuppenburg to discuss your health goals and expectations for care. We look forward to developing a meaningful Doctor-Patient relationship. We recognize that each patient is unique and we may not be a good fit for every patient. Together with Dr. Knuppenburg, you will determine whether WholeBody MD aligns with your healthcare needs.