Our Approach


Benefits of Direct Primary Care

Personalized Care

Tailored treatments to meet individual health needs and wellness goals.

Transparent and Affordable Pricing

No surprise bills, flat fees for comprehensive, accessible healthcare services.

Enhanced Doctor-Patient Relationship

Longer, more meaningful interactions fostering trust and personalized attention.

Focus on Prevention

Emphasis on proactive measures to maintain and improve overall health.

Personalized, Accessible Healthcare

A more personalized and meaningful treatment plan comes with direct primary care. The whole body is the focus, not just one symptom.
The problem with traditional insurance-funded primary care is the limitation placed on physicians by insurance companies. Contracts are established between physicians and insurance companies regarding covered services and their associated costs. In direct primary care these barriers no longer exist, patients pay their physician directly for services.

Eliminating insurance not only allows a physician significant freedom in creating treatment plans, but also affords them additional time with the patient that would otherwise be spent documenting visits and billing insurance. When physicians have more flexibility in their scope of care, the overall health and wellbeing of a patient can become the main focus.

With direct primary care, patients can expect quicker appointment times, more thorough exams, reduced healthcare costs, no
Surprise bills, and most importantly – enhanced health. Prevention is key with direct primary care, allowing patients to live more securely in their journey toward wellness.